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The fact you're seeking information on the Internet about your legal rights means you've suffered some hardship and you now have to make some tough choices. You feel you may have been harmed or wronged by someone's failure to fulfill a legal commitment or ethical obligation owed to you or your family. You may be facing troubling times because of someone's claim that you have harmed or wronged them.

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Mr. Baughman

It's understandable if you're confused, anxious, worried, and even angry. I can help you. Mr. Baughman’s practice focuses on the laws that govern lawyers. He advises both attorneys and clients on legal, professional, and ethics issues, including: risk management, malpractice avoidance, ethics and expert consultation, fee disputes, and succession and contingency planning. His litigation prevention services include both continuing education workshops and confidential group and individual consultations. He consults on risk management issues on both an individual and organizational basis.

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Baughman’s is comprised of dedicated lawyers who have experience, creativity and determination.

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We have volunteered for a variety of causes, including multiculturalism, AIDS awareness etc.

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Whatever your plan is, our company makes it simple to rearrange and set up yur business.

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Our hard work and modern approach to the law give us the edge to help you and your business achieve every goal.

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The Law Office of Willis S. Baughman is located in the City of San Luis Obispo, California, and serves clients throughout the Central Coast of California, from Santa Barbara to Monterey. You may contact our offices with the information below or by submitting your inquiry through the "Contact Us" page.

Please Note: Willis S. Baughman is licensed to practice only in California, and represent clients only in California. Low cost fair and reasonable fees legal malpractice ethics professional lawyer responsibility "Serving clients is my most important responsibility. Client involvement in the case is critical to achieving best results. It is important that my clients are fully informed of important events that occur during the progress of their case. I strive to help level the playing field for each client through commitment, know-how, innovation, and knowledge." Bill Baughman

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